Monday, June 15, 2009

Training Week 07 June - 13 June 6.24m / 42:00 / 6:43 miling
Hungover run around False Creek sea wall and around to Kitsilano Beach. Glorious. 9.01m / 1:00:48 / 6:44 miling
Nine miles into Stanley Park, small loop up to Prospect Point and back along English Bay.
Cycling - 16 miles

Tue. Rest - sore peroneus
Cycling - 16 miles

Rest - sore peroneus
Cycling - 16 miles 1m WU - 6 x 100m strides with walk back recovery.
Barefoot at Brockton Oval to test peroneus, it held up fine.
Cycling - 18 miles 3.27m WU - Longest Day 5k (4th, 15:42) - 2.29m WD
Warm up on course with Jay and Ian, really solid race and came through strongly in the second half to run a PB. Took home $75 as well, always a bonus. Warmed down with the guys.
Cycling - 16 miles

Sat. Rest - trip to Whistler, two hour walk

Run total: 23.92 miles (38.5km) / 2:43:56 / 6:51 miling avg
Cycle total: 69.41 miles (111.7km)

Sore peroneus in my right leg meant that I missed much of training this week, but luckily the commute kept me active. Thankfully the tightness and pain eased off by race day and I was feeling fresh as a result.

Pleased with my run as I didn't feel overly stretched during most of the race and it was nice to place well and run a decent time. A good confidence boost coming into the summer so hopefully this is the start of some good results and revisions of my personal bests.

It's time now to put in a decent week of miles and quality sessions before heading to Des Moines, Iowa in a week's for the next stop in the triathlon tour.

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