Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Motivation Needed - Volunteers Required

Since the marathon I have run a total of four times and considered retiring or taking a sabbatical from running.

Running is great when you have goals and races, but here in Vancouver there isn't the same racing fixture list as back in England, and as such I pretty much have no races to target over the winter. So what would I train for? Planning a spring marathon or half-marathon is one thing, but it's still quite a long way away and doesn't provide any intermediate fixtures to keep the calendar busy.

Also, since getting back from Europe, this city has been miserable. I can't remember a day when it hasn't rained, and with the clocks going back it's dark when I leave work. Who wants to go out in the dark, wind and rain every evening? I don't want to run on a treadmill, that's boring, so what do I do?

What I need is a BIG kick up the backside!

It's not that I haven't trained through similar winters (although England tends to be cold rather than wet), but back in Loughborough I had a training group of 60 other guys and girls to train with. It's sad to say, but apart from one Sunday run with Jay, I haven't trained with any of the guys from VFAC since mid-summer. I need to get back in the club scene and arrange to train with the guys again!

I've decided that I can't just take the easy option and take a break or stop. If I had achieved my potential then maybe, but looking at my personal bests, 10k through to the marathon need some revision:

  • 10k - set on a hilly course. Give me a flat course in the same shape and I'm a low-32min runner.
  • Half Mara - got a massive stitch and walked for two minutes. Sub-1:12 is possible.
  • Marathon - stitches, cramps, the wall... one day the 2:30 barrier is getting smashed.

So here's an open invitation - email me with a time when you're running in the evening (I'm free from 6:15pm) and I'll do my very best to meet up.


  1. It's only a bit of rain. As I've said Kevin, Mark and I are running the London Marathon in April. Sign up for a Championship start through your UK club using your half marathon time(you have until Jan 2nd), then train with them up until the day. We'll all run together and you'll get your huge PB.


    Also, come back to VFAC and I'll give you a kick up the ass. Getting beat by me in a workout should be spur enough.

  2. Look at that. I signed my name in the middle of my post.

  3. Don't worry Phil, I'm coming back just to kick your ass! ;-) Two runs in two days now so making progress.

    Unfortunately London is off the cards for me as the tri season starts in mid-April and it's event heavy around that time.

  4. I think its the time of year. :D