Sunday, July 19, 2009

Training Week 12 July - 18 July 12.86m / 1:30:36 / 7:03 miling
Because of the German GP the women's race in Kitzbuhel didn't start until 4pm so plenty of time to get a long-ish decent hilly Sunday run done in the Alps. Took some energy tablets with me and they seemed to be digestible and work... maybe something to use over 26.2 in the autumn.

Mon. Rest - transfer to Munich --> Birmingham --> HOME!! 6.24m / 46:42 / 7:29 miling
Quick trip up to Loughborough to see Tim Hall before he departed for holiday. Nice run around Outwoods reliving the glory days in a torrential downpour. Catch up with a few of the guys in the evening. 2m WU - 6 x 150m strides - 2m WD
Nice leg stretcher before Thursday's 5k, feeling pretty bouncy. Afterwards the bridge of my foot felt very sore and had some problems walking. Not good. 2.18m / 15:16 / 7:01 miling
Easy jog to wake the legs up. Didn't fancy sitting on them all day with the race not getting underway until 7:45pm. Foot feeling ok, bettered overnight. 1m WU - White Horse 5k, 15:36 (3rd) - 1.33m WD
Lashing it down with rain all afternoon but said I'd take one for the Chelt guys, so rocked up to some hamlet the other side of Gloucester. Found the pub about 15mins before the start, so managed an adrenaline filled 5min jog before getting underway.

Race lead out by Dalton and Roper with a couple of younger guys in tow. I started steadily and worked through it, picking off the first guy to drop off the pace at 2k, then Sam Dagliesh at 3.5k. Finished strongly to get a PB by six seconds. Ironically Chelt placed 5 in 17 but had no 6th man so lost the team prize to Severn. Thanks to Dave Newport, Andy Proph and the Norris bros for the support.

1. Tim Dalton, Severn AC 14:59
2. Dave Roper, Cheltenham 15:12
3. Peter Holmes, Cheltenham 15:36 19.67m / 2:09:04 / 6:34 miling
Was aiming for a 15 miler, but took a wrong turn in Sherston and ended up going out for over two hours. Rather dehydrated and tired, pleased to have a Frijj in the fridge! All good for marathon training though. 2.00m easy - 8 x 180m hills - 2.10m easy
Needed something short and sharp following the long run so hit my favourite strength workout of Cirencester Road reps. Hurting like hell but moving well and powerfully. Rep times: 36, 36, 36, 36, 34, 34, 35, 34 for ~180m.
Unfortunately I stacked it (tripped over a lace of all things!) just a mile into the run and cut my hands, elbow and right knee, but carried on to get the session done. Once I stopped my body really tightened up and became quite sore.

Run total: 57.60m / 6:38:49 / 6:58 miling avg

Nice to be home for a week between legs of the European based races, and great to get a run done in Loughborough and get a race done as well. PB making it especially pleasing.

I've really enjoyed turning my attention to shorter distances and hopefully the lactic threshold work will in turn benefit my endurance when marathon training comes back around in September. 15:36 isn't exactly setting the world alight, but it's nice to have a decent PB to reflect on. Definitely gunning for sub-15:30 next year.

My trip on Saturday has left me a little bruised around my right knee, but hopefully having taken Sunday off I can make a 'birthday run' on Monday. Would like to run the Stroud AC 10k on Tuesday evening, even just to pace someone round, as it's only three miles from home... perfect for a warm up/down... if anyone from Stroud happens to read this, do you think I can make an appearance as a loosely affiliated ex-pat?

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