Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Training Week 28 June - 4 July

Sun.pm. 6.50m / 45:24 / 7:00 miling
Easy final run in Des Moines, but having worked at team world champs all day didn't have much time to get a long one in.

Mon. Rest - flying Des Moines, IA --> Denver, CO --> Vancouver, BC

Tue.pm. 2.03m WU - 8 x 100m strides - 2.00m WD
Prep before the Yaletown Grand Prix. Ran a few laps of the course, really nice setting.

Wed.pm. 3.22m WU - Yaletown Grand Prix (~4.2k) - 1.90m WD
See the race report for more info, not the best run of my life but pocketed $125. Happy Canada Day!

Thu.pm. 5.44m WU - 5 x 1km (3:07, 3:04, 3:04, 3:05, 3:02) off descending recovery - 3.73m WD
Had a bit of a sniffle following the race but felt like I still had plenty to give so went for the session. Started easily and worked into it. Really smashed the final 300m of the last rep, legs finally moving. Jogged back with Paul and cooled off in the Pacific.
16 miles cycling.

Fri.pm. 5.61m / 38:24 / 6:51 miling
Easy run around the sea wall, felt terrible so picked it up over Burrard Bridge to try and wake the legs up.
16 miles cycling.

4.08m WU - 5 x 800m (2:22, 2:22, 2:22, 2:20, 2:17) off 400m jog - 3.73m WD
Felt good but just couldn't hit decent times. With Jay on his break I had no one to target so plugged the ipod on and started smashing it out to Hillsong. Gradually worked up some momentum and as Coach John predicted, the times came down as the legs got motoring. Pretty pleased, especially after a hard Wednesday and Thursday.

Run total: 50.00 miles (80.5km) / 5:51:47 / 7:17 miling avg


A weird week capped by a strange race where I ran like an idiot and still made $125 (£65). Lots of quality but not too much quantity, but I guess it is the summer.

Not really too much more to add, although I am getting down to race weight so I'm sure my Mum will complain that I'm obviously not eating well enough when I get home for a week in seven days time. Hopefully I can get some hill work in this week in Austria, although the weather forecast might have me on the hotel treadmill.

Am back in the UK from 14-21 July, so if anyone has any race suggestions I'd like to hear them!

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