Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Training Week 5 July - 11 July 15.64m / 1:43:02 / 6:35 miling
Long run in Vancouver, over Burrard Bridge and along Kits beach along to Jericho and back. Explored a few of the trails coming up from the coast - could have done with more time to look around.

Mon. Rest - flying Vancouver --> Dusseldorf --> Munich - transfer -> Kitzbuhel
Flying in to the World Champs race in Austria. Overnight flight so arrived in Austria on Tuesday evening. Jumped straight on the treadmill in the hotel as it was pouring down outside.
4.52m / 32:00 - increased pace up to 20kph for the final couple of minutes. 5.47m / 40:00 / 7:19 miling
Easy morning run to find my bearings, but thankfully remembered many of the routes from when I covered the race last year. Jet lag wasn't my friend so hit the trails at 6:30am 8.83m / 1:09:19 / 7:51 miling
Very easy run, pretty shattered from the travel, but nice to breath in some alpine air. Hit some hills to get the legs working, enjoying the heavy breathing. 8.25m / 1:00:16 / 7:18 miling
Another early run, but done with a tempo loop of the lake thrown in for good measure. Legs still not waking up though. 5.07m / 34:10 / 6:44 miling
Quicker morning run, giving it some beans, finally feeling normal considering a night at the Casino and 3am bed time... maybe that says something about my usual lifestyle 8.52m / 1:04:32 / 7:35 miling
Long day with press conference, athlete interviews and setting things up for the weekend, but managed half an hour. As I came back Andrew from the team was heading out for his run so jogged alongside to put it over the hour.

Sat. Rest
Men's race started at 2pm (Al Brownlee won), and legs were tired from all the hills... not much flat running to be had, so took the day off.

Run total: 56.30 miles (90.6km) / 6:33:21 / 7:10 miling avg

Really nice week of alpine running on the trails of Kitzbuhel; extremely beautiful and pretty warm as well. Very fortunate with the weather despite it raining during the men's race.

Legs took a bit of a bashing as for the most part you were either going up or down, and coupled with the jetlag (9 hour time difference hurts!) I was pretty tired most of the time. As such I didn't do a long tempo or a session, but still feel I got some quality because of the strength work required.

Am now back in the UK for a week before heading off to Hamburg for the next leg of the tour next Wednesday. Hope to make an appearance at the White Horse 5k in Gloucester on Thursday but my left arch has been complaining today.

For some pics of Kitzbuhel, click here.

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